publications and talks

Talks I've given and sometimes the slides I prepared for them. Please do not reproduce, copy, or distribute without my permission. Thank you!

march 2016 - NYC PyLadies - I Dream of Python: Dealing with Data Auto-Magically

october 2015 - Grace Hopper Celebration - What's the Science in Data Science?

january 2015 - NYC Data Engineering Meetup - How RTR Evolved a Sustainable Data Pipeline for Ecommerce

november 2014 - NYC Women in Machine Learning and Data Science

august 2014 - PyGotham - Preventing Data Flat-Lining

november 2013 - Data Science Leadership Summit - Fashion for Fun and Profit

november 2013 - Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit

august 2013 - new york python meetup - Pythonization at Rent the Runway

june 2013 - Write/Speak/Code - Women developers speaking about speaking

may 2013 - GIFT conference - Growing Up Nerdette

may 2013 - lexalytics user group - Understanding Social Behavior at Scale

february 2013 - strata - Deriving an Interest Graph for Social Data

january 2013 - business analytics innovation summit - Your Audience and You: Wandering Eyes in Social Media

september 2012 - data gotham - Doctoring Strange Data: or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Normalizing Data

september 2012 - moment design group - Telling Stories with Data

Publications and contributions

january 2020, Spotify Engineering My Beat - Anna Smith, Staff Engineer

august 2015, Creating a Data-Driven Organization - Data Engineers and Analytics Engineers

december 2014, Data Scientists at Work - Chapter 10

september 2014, datascience@berkely - What Is Big Data?

may 2014, MITSloan - The Analytics Mandate

september 2013, datascience@berkeley - Ask a Data Scientist at Rent the Runway

may 2013, Geckoboard - Interview with Anna Smith data scientist at Bitly

april 2013, FCW - How to spot a data scientist

february 2013, O'Reilly - Fruit or mobile device: learning concepts through connections

july 2012, bitly blog - Brainstorming with bitly bundles & Adventures in Food Art

june 2012, Flip the Media - When and where to post – insights for the needy

may 2012, the Guardian - How Bitly mapped Britain's news websites for us

april 2012, Forbes - The Media Map: Who's Reading What And Where

march 2012, - The Structure of Galaxies: I. Surface Photometry Techniques